How to Match Colors in Clothes

Volume of the e-book: 53 pages You can view it from your phone, iPad or computer.

Your results thanks to the e-manual:

You will learn how to combine colors and create unique images.
Bright colors are always in fashion. You will look stylish and fashionable at minimal cost.
You will get more value from your purchases by cleverly combining them with each other.
Friendship with "His Majesty" color will be your secret weapon.

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Volume of the e-book: 53 pages You can view it from your phone, iPad or computer.
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Volume of the e-book: 53 pages You can view it from your phone, iPad or computer.

Techniques used by famous designers and stylists can now also become your secret weapon

How many times have you sworn to buy things in dark nondescript colors?
And what is the result?
Still, most of the wardrobe - are dark shades: gray, black, blue...

Why is this happening?

1. You do not have a clear understanding of how to create beautiful color combinations, so you choose unmistakable combinations of neutral shades.

2. You've been trying to figure outhow to combine colors in clothes, but there is so much information on the Internet that your head is spinning.

How to learn to combine colors in clothes?

– You can go to the course "Your own stylist", where for a month you will be taught the general concepts of style and the tricks of creating an image.
Well, this is quite an obvious solution. But not mandatory.

– You can search for information on the Internet, self-study and try to figure it out on your own.

Fortunately, none of this can be done.

I created a special guide in which I sorted through the shelves how to create harmonious color combinations using the color wheel.


6 rules for color combinations in clothes.

Itten's chromatic circle.

Harmonious color combinations. 7 error-free schemes.

№1 Monochromatic combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№2 Similar combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№3 Complementary combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№4 Split-complimentary combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№5 Triad combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№6 Rectangular combination: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

№7 Combination of achromatic and chromatic colors: Scheme. Examples. Recommendations.

5 makeup colors based on the chromatic circle.

Each way of colour combination is illustrated with vivid photographs. The total number of illustrations is more than 25 sets.

Author Tatiana Preobrazhenskaya
Brand StyleProfi
Brand country Russian Federation
Number of pages 53 pages
Format Book .pdf