Earn money by recommending our products and training courses to friends and acquaintances!

Even beginners can earn from the affiliate program.

The affiliate program is an opportunity to earn from sales of tools and training courses from our online store for-stylist.com by simply recommending them to other people using a special affiliate link.

You’ll get your affiliate link immediately after free registration in the affiliate program.

The initial commission in the affiliate program is — 10%, and the average purchase on our online store is from $19 and more. This means that you’ll get about $3 from a successful recommendation. Also, stylists often buy sets of tools. The cost of sets is - from $200 to $1000. Accordingly, the amount of your commissions also increases.

Becoming our partner is easy:

1. Sign up on for-stylist.com/ (click on the “Registration” in the upper right corner).

(If you have already registered on for-stylist.com, go directly to Step 3).

2. An email will be sent to your email address. with a confirmation link to verify your account. Follow the link to get to your Personal Account.

3. There is the “Affiliate Program” section in your Personal Account. You’ll find your referral link in this section. You need to specify it when creating advertising posts or letters. In your Personal Account, you can track the statistics of conversions and the number of orders. You will also see the amount of your commissions. 2 times a month we will pay you 10% of sales through your affiliate link in the way convenient for you: to your bank card, PayPal, etc.

If you have any questions, write to us at: info@for-stylist.com

We will promptly help you.


When you sign up for our affiliate program, you get a number of unique links to our training courses and tools. The link looks like this: https://for-stylist.com/?id, where instead of id there will be your identifier, which will be assigned to you during registration.

If someone follows your link and then buys one of our products, you will earn a commission (starting from 10% of the order value)!

If you have your page or group on social media (Facebook, Instagram), website, blog, forum or mailing list, post information about our palettes, tools and training courses there and earn with us!


For each buyer who comes to our online store using your link and places an order, you will receive 10% of the order value!

You don’t have to sell anything – we do it.You just tell your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, partners, subscribers, clients or competitors about our websites.

You can give your affiliate link either to a specific training course or to the entire catalog (links can be generated in the partner’s personal account).


If the person who followed your link places an order and pays for it, then a partner reward will be credited to your partner account, which will be paid to you once a month, on the 1st day on the month in a convenient way (Currently it’s a transfer via PayPal or https://paysend.com/ service to your bank card).

You pay taxes in accordance with the laws of your country.

The system automatically records that the client came from you and permanently stores this data! So, if you share your affiliate link with your friend and he or she goes to the site, but decides to purchase some product in a few months, you will still receive your commission.

From any orders of these clients you will receive 10% of the purchase amount.


A tested and proven system for tracking conversions and payments on your links will provide you with 100% confidence that you will get your commission.

In your personal account, you can always track sales statistics, the number of clicks on your personal links and the amount of revenue earned. You receive an email notification for every sale you make.


You can advertise our sites in any way, except for SPAM mailing lists. Those who violate this rule are immediately excluded from our affiliate program without paying commissions.

Have questions about the affiliate program? Email us at: info@for-stylist.com