Color Analysis Capes Set (12 Seasons)

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  • Color Analysis Capes Set for in-person color analysis. 4 capes: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring - a stylist's secret weapon!
  • 12 typical seasonal shades in each cape (list below in the description).
  • Optimal-size drapes measure: 65 x 46 cm / 25.6 x 18.1 in (covers the client's shoulders and chest).
  • Accurate color reproduction, colors do not fade or wash off.
  • Professional overlock sewing treatment in tone.
  • All drapes are made from easy-care matte opaque polyester fabric with a beautiful weave, soft to the touch.
  • Staining with innovative technology allows you to erase capes and keep a beautiful appearance.
  • And it also provides accurate color reproduction, absolutely environmentally friendly, does not fade in the sun and not washed off in the wash.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 7 days return and refund guarantee. The product should be in original condition.
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    Color Analysis Capes Set (12 Seasons)
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    Color Analysis Capes Set is an effective tool for stylists who practice in-person color analysis. You can use the capes as an all-sufficient tool for color analysis, or you can combine them with Color Analysis Drapes.

    The set includes 12 capes, each for one seasonal type:

    1. Light Warm
    2. Light Cold
    3. Dark Warm
    4. Soft Warm
    5. Dark Cold
    6. Soft Cold
    7. Clear Warm
    8. Clear Cold
    9. Warm Soft
    10. Warm Clear
    11. Cold Soft
    12. Cold Clear

    How to use Color Analysis Capes Set:

    Capes are very easy to use. Put a set of capes over the client's shoulders. Then, with a subtle motion of your hand, take off the top cape and analyze how the shades of a certain color type affect the client's appearance. It is seen very clearly for both stylist and client. It's also really fun and exciting - like a color show! As a result, easy identification of the client's color type.

    You can use the capes as an all-sufficient tool for color analysis, or you can combine them with Color Analysis Drapes Set.

    Color Analysis Capes Set Description

    • The set includes 12 capes, each for one season.
    • 12 typical seasonal shades in each cape.
    • Each cape has a season symbol printed on each cape’s corner for you to feel confident during color analysis.
    • We carefully selected the cape’s optimal size: 65 x 46 cm / 25.6 x 18.1 in (will cover shoulders and chest of any client).
    • Neckline fits snugly around the neck and varies in width.
    • Dense opaque synthetic matt fabric with a beautiful weave, pleasant to touch.
    • Innovative technologies dyeing allows the capes to be washed and stay as new. Accurate color reproduction, absolutely environmentally friendly.
    • Capes do not fade in the sun and do not wash off during washing.
    • Professional micro-overlock treatment with matching threads.

    Color Analysis Capes Set is perfect for:

    • novice stylists;
    • experienced image consultants;
    • color master classes;
    • express seasonal color analysis.

    See photos, videos and reviews of our customers (the Reviews section just above this page) to make sure of the high quality of the Color Analysis Capes Set.

    You can also purchase Color Analysis Capes Set with a DISCOUNTED «Stylist kits» section.


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    8 reviews for Color Analysis Capes Set (12 Seasons)

    • ByApril 12, 2024 08:37
      I've had a really good experience with my order and I'm pleased with my items.The capes colors are accurate and the construction has a durable quality to them.

      The shipment did take awhile due to circumstances beyond our control but nevertheless Dmitry has been real helpful and very responsive during the whole process.

      Thank you for the positive experience!
      • ByJanuary 3, 2024 10:35
        I am from New Zealand so was a little nervous about ordering from a country so far away from me. However, I couldn't believe how quickly my order arrived - it only took eight days! I initially had trouble placing my order via the website, but through excellent email communication with a customer service representative, I was able to place my order. I love my colour drapes and the capes. They are excellent quality, and I have found them very useful in analysing my own colour season. Having all four of the seasonal colour drapes and capes has been very helpful when decluttering my wardrobe. I've been really able to see what clothing items are in my colour palette, and what clothes aren't. Thanks so much!
        • BySeptember 8, 2021 20:17
          All good! Thank you!
          • ByAugust 26, 2021 13:55
            I received the capes, they are awesome! Thank you for the fan and autumn wallet card. It gives me a better idea of the item you are selling
            • ByAugust 24, 2021 18:05
              Thanks for the capes. The delivery was really quick, I paid for ups delivery, and it was well worth it! The quality itself is really good and as I already have drapes from this seller, I now have a set that looks really professional! Starting my own business is really hard but the seller made it easier with his reliability and good quality materials!!!
              • ByJuly 25, 2021 21:00
                The item came much faster than anticipated and arrived in great condition!
                • ByJuly 7, 2021 11:41
                  Spasibo, xoroseje kacestvo i krasivije.
                  • ByJune 10, 2021 15:33