Style Cards by Body Types (Stylist Cards)

  • The cards will assist the stylist with professional consulting on selection of styles by body type for the client.
  • The set includes 50 A5 stylist cards.
  • Styles for 10 body types: 7 female and 3 male.
  • Each card is presented in 5 copies.
  • Thick matt high quality paper.
  • Plastic envelope is included in the set.

  • Satisfaction guarantee: 7 days return and refund guarantee. The product should be in original condition.
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    Our unique Style Cards by Body Types provide illustrated guidelines for the best styles and silhouettes for each body shape. The сards will become your perfect assistant in the consultation on body type, and then a reminder to the client. The cards will help the client to choose the right clothes in the store that are ideally suited to the style and silhouette, taking into account the body type.

    The set of stylist cards is designed for image consultations, therefore each type of card is presented in 5 copies. The set includes: 50 cards, namely 10 body types, 5 identical cards each. Therefore, you will be able to give the card that is suitable for the body type to the client after the consultation.

    Each card contains the optimal styles according to body type of the base wardrobe items: jacket, blouse, skirt, trousers, dress, outerwear.

    On the cards of female body types, each piece of clothing is depicted in the form of a sketch and thesis recommendations. On the cards of male body types, recommendations are given in the form of a detailed description of each item. This is due to the difference in the information comprehensibility between women and men.

    Styles for female body types included:

    Slim Hourglass

    Plump Hourglass


    Slim Column


    Inverted Triangle

    Styles for male body types included:



    Inverted Triangle

    How to use Style Cards by Body Types

    After determining the client’s body type, the specialist gives recommendations on selection of styles, proportions and details of clothing. Illustrated cards will help you to visualize the options that are suitable and not suitable. Later, such a card will become a convenient cheat sheet, which the client will be happy to use and won’t forget the information received during the consultation.

    Availability of high-quality visual materials for styles for body types is a confirmation of your professionalism and a profitable competitive advantage.

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